Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hoilday Wishes!

A quick note to wish everyone a fantastic Holiday season. I doubt I'll get time to get into the darkroom in the next week. But here is a tease...These are proof prints of some of the next pieces I plan to work on. They are also Friesians that I photographed at the Equine Affaire in Mass. this past November.

So, eat some great food. Hug your family and get some rest.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Winter Work

I had two photo shoots on Monday. Horses in the snow. This is, other than shooting indoors, I find the most difficult to shoot. Snow reflects so much light that the camera's meter reads more light out there than there is. You have to compensate for that and open the shutter longer. When you do, you risk getting blurry pics. Luckily the shoot went well. Unfortunately, one of the horses I was commissioned to shoot had a swollen, gooey eye and was blinking a lot with the other one as well. I spent a lot of time shooting on his good side and hoping he did not blink every time the shutter opened. If I have to reshoot, I will have to wait for that eye to improve and that puts us into the heart of winter. I think there was enough good stuff for the client to choose from.

Today was a darkroom day. I am trying to print the backlog of negatives that have been waiting. Some are 2 years old! It is going to take quite a while to get this done. If it goes into spring then I will be shooting again and just making a longer list of stuff to be printed. So I have decided to look into getting a grant for materials and maybe I can stop working and dedicate myself to producing work full time. I would love to see a book or two come out of this body of work. Anyone got any ideas??

Well, here is today's' results. All of these are 8 1/2" x 13" on 11x14" paper. The first one I call "At the Pull" and was shot during the annual Draft Horse Pull at the Dutchess County Fair this summer. The other two were shot at the Equine Affair in Mass. This past November. I find when shooting indoors and in a large space, it is better to work with the problems than to try to avoid them. These two are a perfect example of that. The first I call "Freisian Power" and the other is "Friesian Movement"

Saturday, December 10, 2005

New Work

I spent some productive time in the darkroom yesterday. We had a pretty heavy snowstorm and so I just holed up down there. Printed up images of my nephew, Bryce, as a gift for my sister. I am pretty happy with the results. I don't normally photograph people, but kids are great. They both play to the camera and ignore it. Makes for a nice photo shoot. Will get back to prints of horses in the next week so stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

New ACEO's

Just a quick update. These are the new ACEO's that I have posted for auction on eBay. I will be spending time in the darkroom this week. So check back here often to see the new images!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Missing info

This is what is missing from above! I am a Dinosaur. I work in the most traditional photographic form. I photograph in 35mm film. I use primarily Black and White. Developed and printed in the Darkroom in my basement. I trust my eye to frame the image and do little or no manipulation in the final print. I do some cropping and work with adjusting the contrast. I do not work digitally and there is no use of photoshop here. I am just a straight forward traditionalist.

Welcome December!

Welcome to the Blog for LE CHEVAL THE HORSE. The Equine Photography of Juliet Harrison.

I figured that this might be a great place to keep everyone updated. I will post info. About shows and venues where you can find my work. I will also be able to frequently post images of my new work and hopefully you can give me feedback on what you see. I would love to create a dialog with my friends and collectors.

For those of you not already in the know...I am a DINOSAUR. I work in the most traditional of all photographic forms. I shoot 35mm film. Primarily in Black and White. I develop it and do all my own printing in my basement darkroom. Other than cropping the image and working with the exposure times and contrast, I do not do any extraneous manipulation. What my eye sees in the viewfinder is pretty much what is in the final print. No special filters, textures, no photoshop. This is the work that is most satisfying to me.

I started out on photography, primarily shooting architecture. Focusing on the textures, forms, contrasts and shadows. It made sense at the time, because I was living in NYC and with an architect. Been with that architect for over 20 years now. I went back to my cameras about 3 years ago, after a 9 year hiatus spending my creative energies on raising my son, making a home and working in a job I loved. When I picked my cameras back up, I started by photographing Horse related events that I was frequenting. Rodeos and Draft Horse events.

So now the thing that I am finding the most interesting, is how the work is developing. I spent a great deal of time this past spring and summer at various equine events. Lots more English riding venues. What has come out of these opportunities, is that the work is getting more abstract. I am returning to my original interests in texture and form, but this time it is the horse that is my subject.

So let me know what you think of this new work and I will keep posting things here. Remember to look at the website for purchase information.

I am also taking commissions to photograph Dogs now.

This month you can find my work in Las Vegas at the Art Encounter Gallery, in Newton, Kansas at the Carriage Factory Gallery, as well as at the Rhinebeck Tack shop in Rhinebeck, New York, Cavallo Fine jewelry in Red Hook, New York and at O'Halloran in Millerton, New York.

I am also starting to sell some of my work on Ebay. You can find me there under lecheval(thehorse). For now what I am selling there is Digital Reproductions and ACEO's, which stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals. Aceo's are highly collectible pieces of original art or prints. They are all 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". These cards are dated and signed and are a fantastic way to collect fine art without paying as much. Check these out on Ebay by typing in the search ACEO and Horse. These are some of the new images

These are ACEO's that are on Ebay right now!