Thursday, December 15, 2005

Winter Work

I had two photo shoots on Monday. Horses in the snow. This is, other than shooting indoors, I find the most difficult to shoot. Snow reflects so much light that the camera's meter reads more light out there than there is. You have to compensate for that and open the shutter longer. When you do, you risk getting blurry pics. Luckily the shoot went well. Unfortunately, one of the horses I was commissioned to shoot had a swollen, gooey eye and was blinking a lot with the other one as well. I spent a lot of time shooting on his good side and hoping he did not blink every time the shutter opened. If I have to reshoot, I will have to wait for that eye to improve and that puts us into the heart of winter. I think there was enough good stuff for the client to choose from.

Today was a darkroom day. I am trying to print the backlog of negatives that have been waiting. Some are 2 years old! It is going to take quite a while to get this done. If it goes into spring then I will be shooting again and just making a longer list of stuff to be printed. So I have decided to look into getting a grant for materials and maybe I can stop working and dedicate myself to producing work full time. I would love to see a book or two come out of this body of work. Anyone got any ideas??

Well, here is today's' results. All of these are 8 1/2" x 13" on 11x14" paper. The first one I call "At the Pull" and was shot during the annual Draft Horse Pull at the Dutchess County Fair this summer. The other two were shot at the Equine Affair in Mass. This past November. I find when shooting indoors and in a large space, it is better to work with the problems than to try to avoid them. These two are a perfect example of that. The first I call "Freisian Power" and the other is "Friesian Movement"

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