Saturday, January 19, 2008

In Praise of the Monochromatic Palette - Sheona Hamilton Grant

As an artist, I believe one of the most difficult challenges you can set for yourself, is to created images without using color. To be successful at it is even harder. Graphite artist, Sheona Hamilton-Grant is one such artist. She breathes live into her subjects, be they animal or human.

One thinks of the “lowly” pencil as a tool for sketching or as used for laying down the under drawing for a painting. Not so for Sheona. In her hand graphite produces the full range of tone. Flesh and hair take on warmth. Eyes sparkle with light and emotion. People and animals exude individual personality.

Take a look at her work titled “Head to Toe”. Can you not feel the softness of the hair on the horses’ chest? Feel the muscle beneath the surface? Hear the sound of his teeth as he mouths the bit? There is so much emotion in “Quality Time”. A softness to the baby’s skin. We know what that feels like and Sheona Hamilton-Grant has offered the viewer an opportunity to have a visceral, as well as, visual memory.

And then there is “Out of the Dust”. Power and grace coming towards the viewer out of a fine mist of dust. The definition of line and light are truly spectacular.

Sheona Hamilton-Grant’s mastery of the medium is undeniable. Her style, her “signature”, unique and exquisite. She has successfully accomplished what many can only dream of doing. Her work breathes with life using a monochromatic Palette. To her must be awarded high praise.

To see the work of Sheona Hamilton-Grant you can go to her website.

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