Sunday, April 06, 2008

Something Personal.....

On a personal note…

As artists we are often told not to share our personal lives. Others have said that it destroys the “Mystique” surrounding the artist and his/her work. In this instance, I am going to break with that tradition to share something important to me.

As some of you will know, at this time last year I was occupied with the care of my critically ill mother. Not long after, in June, she passed away. The care for and subsequent loss of my mother, has greatly affected me over this year.

My mother was my first and one of my staunchest supporters. As an incredibly creative person herself, she and my father exposed my sister and I, to art very early in our lives. And infused us with a sense of art’s importance in contributing to a life well lived. Last year I was at a workshop where the leader said that “if your mother likes your artwork, than you needed to change the work”. Well, my mother not only liked my work, she understood it. She displayed it on her walls, not only as the work of her daughter, but as work she chose to surround herself with.

I have made such wonderful advances in both my work itself and in where it can be found, over this last year. I am sorry that my mom is not here to see and share this with me. I miss her deeply and know she would have been very proud and would have continued to cheer me on. And I wanted to share the power of that legacy with all of you.

Thank you all for letting me get “personal”. And to my father I say…Thank you for continuing to share this journey with me.


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