Friday, May 30, 2008

Late Spring Happenings / Website Updates

Hello All,

It has been beautiful weather and I have been enjoying it to the fullest. So, as you can imagine....not much time has been spent in the darkroom. But I certainly have things to share with everyone.

My work has come home from the last round of shows. So now I have to determine what I will send out again. I have taken the risk and entered a group of Fine Art Photography shows that are coming up this year. Only one of the these shows will be an actual 'brick and mortar" show. The others will have accepted work displayed either on-line or in publications. I promise to keep everyone posted on these as I hear.

I am thrilled to announce that there will be a feature article about my work in the Summer issue of Art Horse Magazine. For those of you unfamiliar with the magazine, you can take a look on their website at . You can reserve a copy of the Summer issue by subscribing online or contacting them directly.

Website Updates have finally been finished, thanks to Sheri Gordon, my wonderful webmistress from Black Horse Designs. So take a look at the new images in all of the galleries. You will notice that the Equine Landscapes and Topographicals series has gotten a new name and MANY more images. The series is called Equiscapes now. Another thing that will be apparent, is the addition of new color images in that series and in the color gallery. Enjoy them and let me know what you think. Adding color feels risky for me but these images just demanded my attention. Since I do not print my own color work, these will only be available as Giclee prints.

I have decided to offer some of my color work as reference photos to my fellow artists. I have set up some webpages on SmugMug where these images can be seen. Purchase of use rights will come directly through me and large resolution jpegs will be sent to the purchaser. You can see these pages by going to . I will be adding to them frequently, so check back from time to time. in addition, if you have particular image needs, feel free to contact me to discuss whether I have anything that might work.

Here is one of my favorite recent color shots available to painters and in print form.....Meet Sorpresa, Andalusian mare owner by painter Karen Brenner. Enjoy!