Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Reference Photos for Artists

One of my newest adventures has been the acquisition of a digital camera body. No....I do not intend to EVER give up my B&W film work. That is where my heart and artistic intentions lay. But, in an effort to challenge myself, I have started taking more color images. The things in the frame become more glaringly apparent in color. Thus I have to be more observant and that is a great exercise for me. As a result had all of these color images and nothing to do with them. I have decided to market them to my fellow artists as reference images. You can find these pictures that I have mostly left uncropped and unaltered at . If you are an artist and have any special image needs, feel free to contact me at .

A Month of Anniversaries

Now that June is over and I have a bit of time to reflect......I realized what a difficult month it has been. For me, it was a month of Anniversaries.

The most simple ones are the anniversary of my birth (50 years), my sons birth (14 years) and that of my marriage (20 years).

More subtle anniversaries were things like, it has been a year since my mom passed away. That made my big birthday very bittersweet, not having her there to share the day with me. The last time I heard her voice was on an answering machine last year when she called from the ICU to wish my son happy 13th birthday. I heard she really gave the nurses a hard time that day insisting that she be able to call. So Jackson's birthday also served this year as a reminder of her absence.

Other anniversaries were was 10 years ago, for my 40th birthday, that I returned to riding after a 27 year hiatus from horses. Along with that came my focus on photographing horses. And 7 years ago in June, I bought my first horse Tony. Tony has answered my childhood dream and been a great companion and teacher.

So, now that June has ended, I can finish reflecting on the past and move again towards the future which includes exhibitions of my work at the HITS Artists and Exhibitors Gala on July 24th. Culminating in the display of work on the HITS showgrounds in Saugerties, NY through mid August. In addition, my work will again this year be at Terry Lindsay's Equidae Gallery at the Holiday Inn in Saratoga Springs, NY from July 25th through September 1st. If you can get up to enjoy a race day be sure to stop by the gallery.