Monday, September 29, 2008

More Sadness

So of you may recall my post in June where I mentioned the passing of my mother the previous year. Unfortunately, that sadness has hit me again. My father passed away on the 11th of September. I know we all have to face this at some point in our lives. I would have liked a bit more time in between. But life is what you get and what you do with it. My father was an amazing person. I learn more about him everyday as I speak to his friends and neighbors. He was 83 and was incredibly active. He was a potter with his own kiln and wheel. A clock restorer with over 50 clock bodies in his house awaiting his attention. He volunteered at a local museum for the last 17 years as well as volunteering for the LA Arboretum on their plant help line. For 21 years he headed the landscape committee at his condo community. Let me not forget his tennis playing and travel each year. I hope when my time comes, people will have as much to say about me as they have about my Dad. So, fair the well, Martin B. Harrison and thank you for all you imparted to me.

And I promise happier postings in the near future.

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