Monday, January 25, 2010

Being Accountable

A good Monday Morning to you all!

I decided to post every Monday for several reasons. One is since I don't work out of the house any more, I found that it was way to easy to fritter away the day, nay the week, and get nothing accomplished. If I enforce a schedule on myself. I will surely get more done. The second reason is to be accountable each week for those ideas I have come up with. Accountable to you and to me as well.

So here is the first step towards accountability today....I still do not have my tattoo. I made such a big thing about it, I thought I aught to tell you all why. It is such a vanity thing. I get psoriasis. Mostly in the winter. This winter because of all the dry heat, it is pretty bad. The places where it is the worst is any area of rubbing or tear in the skin. I have spoken to several people who know something about tattooing and they have all thought that I might want to hold off until warmer weather when my skin is in better shape. I am concerned that I will get the tattoo and instead of healing nicely, it will turn into a scaly mess. But I have not given up on it I assure you.

My next bit of accountability I actually accomplished on Friday. Posted here on this blog and on my website is the full information about the Mentoring and Critiquing program that I am now offering. If you are interested, just scroll down to my last post to get all the information.

I am still working on the wording for my "art sharing" program. I hope to have that ready to announce later this week. I will be getting back down into the darkroom this week. Although the pouring rain today will keep me upstairs cause the darkroom sometimes floods in this kind of rain. I also think I need to have a bit more of a proactive plan for this year. I have decided to only enter 3 more competitions this year. Beyond that, I will do some gallery research to see if there is somewhere a bit farther afield where I can show my work. Any ideas anyone may have would be wonderful. I will be headed to Santa Fe to visit with a friend then end of February. One of the things I hope to do while there is to take a look at possible galleries there. But without being able to travel to all the many gallery locations, it is hard to determine what ones might be a good fit for my work. To that end, I welcome all suggestions no matter how far away from me these places may be. My aim is to have my work in places that cater to interest in Fine Art Photography and places where an Equine interest might be the theme.

I will close today by reminding everyone that I have now created an Etsy store where I will be selling some of my work as open edition Giclee reproductions. I even plan on posting some color work there. So take a look.

That is about it for today. Look for a post later this week about some images of mine that will be marketed exclusively on the website Images without Borders. This website is dedicated to selling work by International photographers with ALL of the money going to Doctor's without Borders for their efforts in Haiti and around the world. 5 of my color images will be posted there later in the week. "Painted", the image above is one that will be posted and available for sale there.

Please pass the link to this blog along to anyone that you think might be interested. And have a wonderful week.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Mentoring / Critique Program Offer

Refining your Eye, Finding your Voice and Building a Fine Art Portfolio
Mentorship Program with Photographer Juliet R. Harrison

This Online Mentoring program is geared towards experienced Equine photographers who want to move their work in the direction of doing more Fine Art. Many come to a place where they want to explore the idea of developing a more personal portfolio of work that can someday be submitted to Art galleries and Fine Art juried competitions. Making that transition can be incredibly daunting. Or maybe you want to develop a more personal style to be able to offer your clients something more unique. Or you might just want to acquire a better understanding of the world of Fine Art Photography. This program is designed to offer you the tools to accomplish your goals.

Offered is a 3 month intensive mentoring program that can get you on your way. The program will be tailored to your specific background and intentions. The basic program will offer the building blocks to understanding what Fine Art is, such as the history of photography and its’ place in the history of art. You will be given exercises and research assignments that will help to refine your eye with the aim being, that you find expression in your own voice and style through your photography.

The ultimate goal of this program will be that at the end you will have the beginnings of a unique portfolio of 20 images that show a consistency of quality and imagery.

Beginning near the end of the first month we will start doing weekly critiques of between 5-10 images. The aim of those critiques will be to be able to keep some of the images each week to use to build the portfolio.

Also supplied will be information about entering competitions, what you need and how to approach a gallery for submission.

This is not a technical course. You are expected to have a good working knowledge of your camera and if you work digitally, of after capture methods of manipulation. The method of shooting does not matter. Nor does how you come up with the final product. This program will not teach you how to be a photographer. What it will do is help you develop what you are already doing, or would like to do, so you can take it beyond commercial or documentary work.

All mentoring is given in individual, one-on-one sessions. Mentoring and critiquing will take place primarily through online emails. Images for critiquing to be sent as low res. Jpegs. Occasional telephone consultations will be available as needed (with a limit of 1 hour per week)

COST - $350.00 for the 3 month program (limited to 5 students at a time)

Online Critiques

This program is intended for those who have finished my mentoring course and want the continuing support of access to critiques. But it is open and available to anyone. We can all use an extra set of eyes from time to time to review our work. It does not replace the mentoring course though. And it is only available to those who have an experienced working knowledge of photography and the camera and are prepared to pursue their work as Fine Art. (A 5 jpeg image portfolio is required and will be reviewed before acceptance into the critiquing program. This is waived for those who have completed the mentoring program)

I will be available to critique up to 5 images per week, with a total of 20 per month. Reviewing an already critiqued/reworked image counts as another one.

All critiques will be given in individual, one-on-one sessions and will take place primarily through online emails. Images for critiquing to be sent as low res. Jpegs. Occasional telephone consultations will be available as needed (with a limit of 1 hour per week)

COST - $50.00 per month paid monthly

Juliet R. Harrison is a Fine Art Photographer of traditional B&W imagery, and her primary subject matter is Equine. She received an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1991. Her technical training was as a fine art reproduction photographer in New York City. Ms Harrison’s work has been shown internationally in both Equine Art and Fine Art Photography shows. It is in the permanent collections of individuals and Museums throughout the world. Her work, reviews and interviews about the work have been published in various Fine Art and Equine Art publications. In 2007 she was the Photography judge for the 1st Ex Art Equinus competition sponsored by Art Horse Magazine. Ms. Harrison is also Show Director for the Ex Arte Equinus competition.

To sign up or for more information - Contact the artist at

Monday, January 18, 2010

Coming up Empty?

I have been trying to come up with some witty things to say this morning. Unfortunately, nothing has sprung to mind.

So instead of witty insightful commentary - I will just give you the news. The two above images, Raindance and Frozen have been accepted into the Columbia County Council on the Arts 14th Annual Juried Art Show. Juror for this show was Janet Riker, Director of the University at Albany Art Museum. The show will be hung at the Hudson Opera House in Hudson, New York from February 20th until March 28th, 2010. The opening reception is Saturday, Feb. 20th from 6-8pm.

I have been hinting as some ideas that I have been working it is time to supply some of the details.

I will be offering an online Mentoring/Critiquing program to start in February. This program will be offered to individuals who have a good working knowledge of photography and want to move their imagery into more a substantial Fine Art path. Primarily commercial Equine Photographers who wish to start building a portfolio of Fine Art imagery that they can use to approach galleries and enter Fine Art competition. The program will last for 3 months and include research and photographic exercises and weekly critiques. The goal will be to finish with a portfolio of 20 or more strong consistent images for a portfolio that can be built on in the future. In addition, I will be offering as a separate program online weekly critiques for those who only feel they need some image guidance. If you are interested in hearing more details, contact me by email at

The other thing I have been working on is a program by which I can get some of my images into the hands of fans of my work who may not be able to afford the imagery at the present time. I have not ironed out the details of this quite yet...But in this time of economic struggle I wanted to be able to make it possible, to without discounting the value of the work, have my work move out into the world. It will take form as a kind of ArtCartaking/Rental/Loan program. To hear more about it when I have it all together you must sign up for my website newsletter. I will only be announcing the details there.

I am still working on getting my tattoo done. It will happen soon. And more importantly, I did get down into the darkroom this week. One negative was smooth and easy to print. The other was a struggle. The problem is that the paper manufacturers have cut down on the amount of silver in the surface. This decreases the sensitivity of the paper and makes it s struggle to get the contrast I sometimes want. I may be finding myself doing some experimenting over the next year with some of the boutique papers from Europe. It will be time consuming and costly to find something that works the way I would like, but in the long run will cut down on my darkroom frustrations a great deal. I am tired of having to run though a load of tricks to get the contrast that I want. This my friends is the result of the digital revolution. Fewer manufacturers making the paper and cost cutting measures by those that still do. Ah well, noone said that making art would be a breeze.

I think that is it for this Monday. Time for me to wrap it up and head to the movies with my son, Jackson. Enjoy the day!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Musings - Art Making, Art Distribution, Art Mentoring

I promised a weekly blog post. Monday mornings. Here is the second in that commitment.

I have been contemplating a bunch of ideas lately. Some have to do with artmaking, some with art distribution and some with the sharing of my knowledge. Not all of these ideas are "fit to print" yet. But I can share some thoughts I have been having.

Art Making - This is really about my time management. I find it very easy to fritter away the day and get nothing done. Well, I do get things done, but weeks/months can go by without any darkroom or sometimes even shooting work getting done. So I am committing myself to some kind of art production every week. Doing it feeds my soul. So what better reason should there be? One needs to feed the soul frequently. And by doing work will continue to evolve and mature. New series, new concepts, even new subjects will emerge. I need to move forward.

Art Distribution - With the bad (not a strong enough word?) economy, sales last year were dismal in the art world. Galleries are closing in droves. Grant money for artists is drying up. So we are all scrambling to figure out what we need to do to survive until things pick up. What we can do to insure that we are still producing art when it does? How can I, personally, put my work in the hands of those who really appreciate it? Putting a sale price on the work is the start of a slippery slope down. It cheapens the whole body of your work. And certainly can give a sense of devaluing it for those who have purchased from you at a higher price. So in conversation with other artists....ideas have evolved. I am not ready to make any official announcement yet...but if you think you will be interested in learning more about this....stay tuned by signing up for my website newsletter, which is where I will be making the announcement. I expect to have it all figured out by the end of the month. Or sooner.

Art Mentoring - For the past year or so, off and on, I have been mentoring a wonderful commercial photographer who would like to move her work into Fine Art. It has been a great learning experience for both of us, I think. I have enjoyed the process. I have been approached by a few more people about this idea. Mainly from commercial equine photographers who would like to build a larger more focused portfolio of Fine Art imagery. So I am, this week, putting together an online mentoring package and continuing critiques concept that I think will be great. Through my experience as the director of the Ex Arte Equinus the equine art competition sponsored by Art Horse Magazine, I have seen a great many wonderful images by commercial shooters that just need that small push...that bit of focus and understanding of what it means to create ART. How technical expertise and PhotoShop trickery are not the main tools for creation when talking Art. If you have any interest in learning more about my mentoring program...let me know and I will be sure to send you the details as soon as they are ready. I am working on getting that out in the next week or so. You can email me directly at

One more little news to share - My photograph, Homage to KC, has been published in the "Animal Magnetism" show catalog from PhotoPlace Gallery at the Vermont Photography Workplace. You can purchase a copy through this link -

Thanks for sharing a bit of your Monday with me. I will talk to you again next week...if not before!


Monday, January 04, 2010

Women, Aging and Tattoos

I have been thinking about this for quite a while and have decided to get a tattoo this month. It won't be visible to the general public. And what I am going to get is simple and meaningful in a personal way. But it is my thoughts that have led to this decision that I want to share.

Why a tattoo? Why mark myself so permanently? To explain some of my reasoning, I need to explain a bit of my recent experience with aging and my parents. Both of my parents spent time in ICUs and nursing homes before they passed away. What I observed was very disconcerting to me. Mostly for my mother. In both of these circumstances, we take away an individuals humanity and individuality. Especially when the patient is unable to communicate for themselves. Doctors, nurses and especially aids know nothing about the person other than their medical needs. And worse, they have total "rights" to your body. They touch, manipulate, invade, awaken you with no permission asked. You are not allowed to say no. You are only a body. They may be gentle or have lost your rights to your self. And what if you can't communicate. That is worse. They will wipe you, prick you, bath you...sedate you....and all with no awareness of the unique individual with whom they are dealing.

So here is my thought.....what if I end up in an ICU or a nursing home? What if I can't tell these people who I am? How special and unique I am...? But what if I had a tattoo? Something that means something to me. Would they not have to stop in their duties, if just for a moment, and contemplate ME? Would that lead them to wonder "who I was"? Would they understand that I had a story? Would they wonder what my story was? Would that mean that they would now think of me, if only for that moment, as a person and not just a body? Can my tattoo remind them of my humanity?

It is something to think about. Especially for women, as those of us in the baby boom generation age, many of us will end up in these places. Our individuality taken away by the system of necessity. A woman with a a woman with a story. If my mom had had a tattoo, maybe they would have taken the time to ask her if she wanted to watch the Soaps and Oprah instead of just turning them on. Maybe they would have taken the time to discover that she would have rather watched CNN or CSpan. Who knows...but as a woman not far from "aging"...I guess I want to stack the deck more in my favor.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

I had to pass this on...not sure who the original writer is...

"Today may there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others.. May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are.. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us.."

Happy New Year to all!