Monday, January 25, 2010

Being Accountable

A good Monday Morning to you all!

I decided to post every Monday for several reasons. One is since I don't work out of the house any more, I found that it was way to easy to fritter away the day, nay the week, and get nothing accomplished. If I enforce a schedule on myself. I will surely get more done. The second reason is to be accountable each week for those ideas I have come up with. Accountable to you and to me as well.

So here is the first step towards accountability today....I still do not have my tattoo. I made such a big thing about it, I thought I aught to tell you all why. It is such a vanity thing. I get psoriasis. Mostly in the winter. This winter because of all the dry heat, it is pretty bad. The places where it is the worst is any area of rubbing or tear in the skin. I have spoken to several people who know something about tattooing and they have all thought that I might want to hold off until warmer weather when my skin is in better shape. I am concerned that I will get the tattoo and instead of healing nicely, it will turn into a scaly mess. But I have not given up on it I assure you.

My next bit of accountability I actually accomplished on Friday. Posted here on this blog and on my website is the full information about the Mentoring and Critiquing program that I am now offering. If you are interested, just scroll down to my last post to get all the information.

I am still working on the wording for my "art sharing" program. I hope to have that ready to announce later this week. I will be getting back down into the darkroom this week. Although the pouring rain today will keep me upstairs cause the darkroom sometimes floods in this kind of rain. I also think I need to have a bit more of a proactive plan for this year. I have decided to only enter 3 more competitions this year. Beyond that, I will do some gallery research to see if there is somewhere a bit farther afield where I can show my work. Any ideas anyone may have would be wonderful. I will be headed to Santa Fe to visit with a friend then end of February. One of the things I hope to do while there is to take a look at possible galleries there. But without being able to travel to all the many gallery locations, it is hard to determine what ones might be a good fit for my work. To that end, I welcome all suggestions no matter how far away from me these places may be. My aim is to have my work in places that cater to interest in Fine Art Photography and places where an Equine interest might be the theme.

I will close today by reminding everyone that I have now created an Etsy store where I will be selling some of my work as open edition Giclee reproductions. I even plan on posting some color work there. So take a look.

That is about it for today. Look for a post later this week about some images of mine that will be marketed exclusively on the website Images without Borders. This website is dedicated to selling work by International photographers with ALL of the money going to Doctor's without Borders for their efforts in Haiti and around the world. 5 of my color images will be posted there later in the week. "Painted", the image above is one that will be posted and available for sale there.

Please pass the link to this blog along to anyone that you think might be interested. And have a wonderful week.


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