Friday, January 22, 2010

Mentoring / Critique Program Offer

Refining your Eye, Finding your Voice and Building a Fine Art Portfolio
Mentorship Program with Photographer Juliet R. Harrison

This Online Mentoring program is geared towards experienced Equine photographers who want to move their work in the direction of doing more Fine Art. Many come to a place where they want to explore the idea of developing a more personal portfolio of work that can someday be submitted to Art galleries and Fine Art juried competitions. Making that transition can be incredibly daunting. Or maybe you want to develop a more personal style to be able to offer your clients something more unique. Or you might just want to acquire a better understanding of the world of Fine Art Photography. This program is designed to offer you the tools to accomplish your goals.

Offered is a 3 month intensive mentoring program that can get you on your way. The program will be tailored to your specific background and intentions. The basic program will offer the building blocks to understanding what Fine Art is, such as the history of photography and its’ place in the history of art. You will be given exercises and research assignments that will help to refine your eye with the aim being, that you find expression in your own voice and style through your photography.

The ultimate goal of this program will be that at the end you will have the beginnings of a unique portfolio of 20 images that show a consistency of quality and imagery.

Beginning near the end of the first month we will start doing weekly critiques of between 5-10 images. The aim of those critiques will be to be able to keep some of the images each week to use to build the portfolio.

Also supplied will be information about entering competitions, what you need and how to approach a gallery for submission.

This is not a technical course. You are expected to have a good working knowledge of your camera and if you work digitally, of after capture methods of manipulation. The method of shooting does not matter. Nor does how you come up with the final product. This program will not teach you how to be a photographer. What it will do is help you develop what you are already doing, or would like to do, so you can take it beyond commercial or documentary work.

All mentoring is given in individual, one-on-one sessions. Mentoring and critiquing will take place primarily through online emails. Images for critiquing to be sent as low res. Jpegs. Occasional telephone consultations will be available as needed (with a limit of 1 hour per week)

COST - $350.00 for the 3 month program (limited to 5 students at a time)

Online Critiques

This program is intended for those who have finished my mentoring course and want the continuing support of access to critiques. But it is open and available to anyone. We can all use an extra set of eyes from time to time to review our work. It does not replace the mentoring course though. And it is only available to those who have an experienced working knowledge of photography and the camera and are prepared to pursue their work as Fine Art. (A 5 jpeg image portfolio is required and will be reviewed before acceptance into the critiquing program. This is waived for those who have completed the mentoring program)

I will be available to critique up to 5 images per week, with a total of 20 per month. Reviewing an already critiqued/reworked image counts as another one.

All critiques will be given in individual, one-on-one sessions and will take place primarily through online emails. Images for critiquing to be sent as low res. Jpegs. Occasional telephone consultations will be available as needed (with a limit of 1 hour per week)

COST - $50.00 per month paid monthly

Juliet R. Harrison is a Fine Art Photographer of traditional B&W imagery, and her primary subject matter is Equine. She received an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1991. Her technical training was as a fine art reproduction photographer in New York City. Ms Harrison’s work has been shown internationally in both Equine Art and Fine Art Photography shows. It is in the permanent collections of individuals and Museums throughout the world. Her work, reviews and interviews about the work have been published in various Fine Art and Equine Art publications. In 2007 she was the Photography judge for the 1st Ex Art Equinus competition sponsored by Art Horse Magazine. Ms. Harrison is also Show Director for the Ex Arte Equinus competition.

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laura evans/photography said...

i love this ... i think you will do wonderful & know that's it's definately worth the money! good luck with your new venture.

Linda Shantz said...

Sounds like a great program, Juliet. I hope you get a good response of people that want to take advantage of it!

Melissa said...

Guess i'd better get that lens and get to work learning how to use the new camera:) Very excited about this mentorship program!