Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blogging my Blog

Is it OK to blog about another of my blogs? I am sure it is. I have started the Silver Seconds Auction blog.

Not quite the best & not garbage either! These prints are images that I think have merit but are not up to the standards of the work I put on my website and in galleries. That makes them SECONDS. They are all handprinted in my darkroom with the same meticulous care as my first run work. I am starting the AUCTIONS of these prints at $20.00 and bids are to be increased at $5.00 increments. Each auction will last for 5 days. This one will end Noon EST February, 23rd. To bid on a photo....type your bid in the comments. Shipping price will be based on the winning bidders location.

Session 1 has begun. I will be doing these once a month for a while I think, so bookmark the blog.


Anonymous said...


I have a question for the webmaster/admin here at

May I use some of the information from your post above if I give a link back to this website?


Juliet said...

Hi William - I guess it would depend on where you are going to post it. Can you give me the place you will be using the info? If it is legit, I will happily say yes.