Monday, February 08, 2010

A Scattered Life

It is that feeling that there are lots of little details that you are missing. Things that need to be doneThat should probably be on a list. Like writing my Monday blogpost! So here I am...a bit later in the day than normal. But I did not forget completely.

A bit of sadness came my way this past week. The Equine Art Guild, of which I have been a member for at least 5 years now, is shutting down. This group is comprised of the most wonderful collection of Equine artists. And I was extremely fortunate to have found them when I did and to have been a part of the group for this time. I truely believe that were it not for the sharing and support of this wonderful group of artists, I would not be doing what I am today. And I thank them for warmly welcoming a photographer in their midst at a time when my work seemed to not fit in anywhere. Luckily, these wonderful people and I are dedicated to creating a new group where we can continue to share and florish. But until we have it all figured out....we are going to be working hard on all the "details".

I was thrilled to get an email last week from Marya Zubaty, the publisher of the Stable Woman Gazette, asking if I would be interested in sending her 14 images that she could use to put together a Valentine's Day show of my work. I could not, of course, say no! Her theme for the show was the romantic and the sensual. And she said that she felt that my work was exactly what she wanted. So here it is....The Sensual Equine Nude: a sensory exposee. Click on the banner and then the arrows to turn the page. Happy Valentine's Day...a gift for me, to you! "Coy" above is one of the images in the show.

I am also working hard to put together a group of images for a feature about my work that will be published in Rural Heritage magazine this Spring. I am revisiting some of my favorite draft horse, mule and oxen images for this. Stay tuned for details when it will be available for purchase.
Perhaps my biggest excitement for last week...was the purchase of a new camera. I bought myself a Bronica 2 1/4 camera outfit. One body, two lenses, two film backs and more. I am so thrilled. I can't wait to use it. One box has arrived but I am still waiting for the arrival of the lenses. This is one camera I will most definitely be taking with me when I go to Santa Fe at the end of this month.
I feel that surely I am leaving something out here. But I am not sure what. I guess if I remember it you all will get an extra blog post form me this week. Until then...have a wonderful one. Stay warm...stay dry. And go enjoy a horse. I am now going to get back to all those things I still need to do!


Anonymous said...

I love your online show Juliet!! I've gone back to look at it a few times! love it!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Gorgeous online show :)

Sally Martin said...

I hope you have wonderful experiments getting to know your new camera, I look forward to seeing the results!