Monday, March 29, 2010

Catching Up....!

You may or may not have noticed...but I did not post here last week. Monday got away from me...and then the rest of the week sped by. So here it is Monday again and I almost let it go another week. Not very good for being accountable.

I spent a good part of last week, thinking. A wonderful fellow photographer, Daniel Sroka, wrote his own blog post about the dilemha we artists have when deciding whether to create work from our hearts, work for the market or if there is some magical place of convergence that we can consciously work towards. Please take a look at what he wrote. it rang true to me. And in these times where we artists are stuggling to figure out if and how to make a living...perhaps what he has to say is even more important. But for those who don't wnat to read his post...the upshot is....we must continue to make what we love, or we betry the impetus that makes us artists.

So you can see by the shot I posted above, that I am still pursuing what I love and hope that it will move all of my work in the necessary directions.

I have done more work with my new Bronica camera. I still love it and hope to show you all some of those images next week.

One of the things that I have realized this week, is that my Spring and Summer this year will be crazy busy and not with my own work. Those of you know me personally, know that I have a 15 year old son who plays drums in two competative BagPipe bands. Last year one of the bands took us to Scotland for the World Pipeband Championships and that band placed 3rd in the Juvenile division. This year, while still competing Stateside with that band, he is also playing in one of the two top competative bands in the United States. And guess what...we will be going back to Scotland this year. In addition, he is going to Italy in the fall to spend his Junior year of High School as an exchange student. So from now until September I will be filling my weekends chauferring him from youth exchange orientations, to band rehersals, to competitions. I am a very proud mom, but I do understand that I have to give up some of my art career time for him. But there won't be many more chances to spend this kind of time as a family. So I am glad to do it.

Those of you in the horse world may be familiar with the United States Olympic Dressage rider Courtney King-Dye. What you may or may not know, is that she suffered a terrible fall from a young horse that caused skull fractures and multiple other injuries. While she was in a coma for quite some time, she is now in a head trauma recovery center. One of her riding sponsors, Succeed by Freedom Health LLC has organized an auction page on EBAY with the proceeds to go to help with Courtney's medical expenses. I have donated an original print of my photograph, Symmetry. Please take a moment and check out all of the items on the auction page. You may find something you would like and by purchasing help a wonderful rider and a special person. I "met" Courtney last year and through email conversations with her, discovered that she had at one time supported her riding lesson costs by painting equine portraits. It was a very nice connection to make.

I go with my son to New York City tomorrow for a trip to the MOMA. I plan to revisit old favorite works of art. And to see the new space housing the photography collection. I have not been there in over 20 years!

Have a wonderful Passover and Easter to you all,



Anonymous said...

Beautiful photography!

Juliet said...

Thank you very much!

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Enjoyed your post and have been pondering the same issues...
Scotland in the summer...yeah!

Karen McLain said...

Absolutely wonderful shots! Wonderful feel and compositions. Congratulations to your son, and all the best to him this coming year. It sounds like it will be a busy summer for you both.

Mark said...

Hi Juliet. Great work once again. My wife and i didn't miss a tennis match soccer game baseball game... during my sons youth. We set our schedules around these things and I was not worried about telling clients I had a soccer game to coach and had to be gone by x time. It was important to us and I am sure it held us back in business, but I wouldn't have done anything differently.

Sally Martin said...

Hi Juliet, really enjoyed this post and identified with alot of the content re the professional creative life and being a Mum.
Will enjoy hearing about your upcoming travels with your son and your creative journey too.