Monday, March 15, 2010

New Cameras...and Inspiration

There is very little in life as exciting to a photographer then falling in love with a new camera. Or stumbling across new inspiration.

Several weeks ago I was lucky enough to see a post on twitter by a fellow photographer announcing that he was selling one of his cameras. A Bronica 2 1/4 (medium format) body with two lenses, two film backs, a angled viewfinder and some extras. The price looked excellent and although I already had one med. format camera. This one had more accessories with it that I could find useful. I would give it a try and if i did not like it, I would sell it. Last Wed. was the first chance that I had to take it out and give it a try....and I am in love. This camera fits my hands so well. The lens choice I have between the two will give me a range that I need. It is easy to load the film in. The bright screen addition is super to help these old eye to see well enough to focus it. And the images it takes are crisp and beautiful. Now...bear with it is going to take some time for me to get used to framing square images. I have been working in 35mm rectangles for so long it is hard to adjust to something this different. And to keep the square image for the final print, you need to crop exactly in the camera or will have to crop equally all around. So framing these images in the viewfinder is a slower more deliberate act. I like that. So wish me luck with my new tool...and expect that I may be selling my Hasselblad soon. Get on the list if you think you might be interested. I can't wait to see where this new way of photographing takes me.

And speaking of things like that....some of you may know that I have been contemplating working on a series of still life shots this year. I have wanted to start some natural light work with bones, horns and antlers. Detail shots in B&W against simple backdrops. The day that I took my Bronica camera over to the barn last week to play with it....I also took my horse out into a field at the farm to ground drive him. Basically, for those that don't know, that means I put him in a harness and walk behind him holding onto the driving reins. Like you would if you were plowing or doing farm work. I like to do this because it is great exercise for us both. While walking down the field...I spotted a wonderful collection of bleached deer bones. The best part was that the spine was still intact! So when I got done driving...I went back to the spot with the bronica and photographed those wonderful bones in situ. Collecting them after to bring home for later photographic use. Below it the best of those images. Note the extreme short focal area of the image. Nice, huh?

Days like that just can't be beat. When they end, know that life is good.
Enjoying the beginnings of Spring!

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laura evans/photography said...

so jealous of the medium format ... i love them. looking forward to your results. That portrait is stunning though.