Monday, March 08, 2010

SILVER SECONDS AUCTION - Session 2 Livestock

The SILVER SECONDS AUCTION - Session 2 is under way.

Not quite the best & not garbage either! These prints are images that I think have merit but are not up to the standards of the work I put on my website and in galleries. That makes them SECONDS. They are all handprinted in my darkroom with the same meticulous care as my first run work. I am starting the AUCTIONS of these prints at $20.00 and bids are to be increased at $5.00 increments. Each auction will last for 7 days. This one will end Noon EST Monday, March 15th. Scroll down to see the photos. To bid on a photo....type your bid in the comments. Shipping price will be based on the winning bidders location. (if your bid does not show up in the comment box, be sure to contact me)

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