Monday, March 08, 2010

Social Networking and Being an Artist

There are some major components to being an artist. Especially to being a successful one.
Talent, of course.
Technical knowledge of your medium
Vision - the thing that makes your work unique
Time - to pursue creating
Marketing - making the work available to the public

Talent is something one is born with. Technical knowledge must be learned. Vision is something you develop over a lifetime. Time on the other hand is something you have to carve out for yourself. It is extremely important to carve out enough that you are not rushing to get work done. Time to create is slow time. Which brings me to the dilemma.

In this economic crunch fewer and fewer galleries are risking taking on work of emerging artists. Many established galleries are closing their doors. Rents are sky high. And the return on selling art, not enough for them to stay in business. So how does an artist get their work out into the public eye. Well, by doing it ourselves. Marketing that is. We are selling through websites and virtual art shows. And we droves....joining the ranks of those using the Social Networks to get a public presence. It is an amazing thing to find yourself having fans all over the world. And when we sell direct...we get to keep all the profit for our work. And why not...we have done all the efforts it takes to sell that work. So you ask, where is the downside? is in that thing we discussed before....TIME.

I have found Facebook and Twitter. I have made more friends and fans than I could have ever thought possible. But to keep in the public eye through Social Networking takes a huge commitment of time. You have to be willing and able to be there every day. I am lucky in that I am a very social person. I love to talk. And I love that so many people have now seen my least online somewhere. But it is easy to get sucked in. And to forget that to create more work you have to stop networking....walk away from the computer....and for me, get out and photograph or get down and spend the day in the darkroom.

And so, while social networking has given artists the tools to contact our customer base directly...we have to remember....that if you want to see new artwork...we have to take the time to do that too. What a juggle this modern life has become!

For me...this now means...if Monday is blogpost day. Social networking day. Then Tuesday is Darkroom day!


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Nadine Robbins said...

I'm with you :)