Monday, March 01, 2010

A Week of Weather and Disappointments

The week that was!

At least it is over and a new one begins. Last week began with computer frustrations that thankfully got resolved, but not before several storms hit our area knocking out power at our house for over a day. At least we have a gas stove so that we could cook warm meals. But we got cold sitting around here and spent much of our time over at the local cafe, Taste Bud's, where there was camaraderie, warmth and internet access.

But the weather effected one more important thing for me....I had to cancel my trip to Santa Fe! My flights were cancelled and I lost too many days of the trip to make it worth going even if I could get to the airport to fly out. I will tell you that I am very impressed with, as the customer service person worked hard with the airlines and got me a full refund on my ticket. So I have been able to reschedule for later in April. Perhaps in the end it is all for the best, as the snow will be gone here and fact the desert might even be in bloom when I get there.

So instead of being on vacation, I got to shovel a lot of snow and do some more organizing. Two more entries to shows were sent out last night. I know....I know....I said I was not going to spend time entering shows this year. But maybe the key is to enter so many that I lose track on them and will be less disappointed when I don't get in. I am being a bit more careful not to enter shows with expensive shipping costs for short runs. Some venues now even have deals where you send the prints and they will mat and frame them there. That is a fantastic idea.

The two images I have on top here are two that I think are my best work and have been entered in various shows. Older pieces from the Equiscape series...Glacial Edge and Waterfall. To see more from that series

I think the Silver Seconds Auction went well and will make some collectors very happy. Added some new collectors to the mix too. I will run the next one in a week or two. I will be sure to post it here. The next auction will be Livestock images. So be sure to stay tuned.

I expect this week will see more organizing getting done. We see the accountant on Thursday and I am not looking forward to that. I intend to start posting some object and stuff for sale on my Etsy store later this week. Right now it is all my photographs. If you haven't seen it yet -

And best of all....I will get into the darkroom this week. My paper is here and I am ready to go. I just need an uninterrupted day. What most don't realized about the darkroom is that the process is so time consuming. 1/2 to set up....hours to print from just a few negatives...sometimes, just one if it is difficult....and then 1 hour to wash prints and clean up chemistry. So I need a good block of time to do it and it can't be rushed. I am hoping for we will have to see. Here is a nice quote about the kind of printing that i do, from photographer David Robin from an interview in LensWork magazine...."What I loved about silver printing and traditional methods,,,was that every single print was a one of a kind. It wasn't instantaneous.....each one (print) was unique. I like that on-of-a-ind quality form traditional methods. Everything is unique. There's something to be said for the slow process, the deliberate process that happens in shooting in a deliberately slowed-down process, where you examine each step as it moves along."

It smells this morning like Spring outside and I have a few early flower buds peaking up along the South side of the house. All good signs that we are coming out of this winter. Enjoy your week. I will head over to the barn soon to brush some shedding hair off of my horse. Things are looking up!



Mark said...

Hi Juliet, Sorry your week turned out so badly. Snow, no electric, shoveling heavy wet snow. Just another February day in upstate. The good that came out of it (good for me anyway), was I got to meet you and some of your friends, over at Twitter and you have inspired me to do some more serious, but fun photography (for NO money). Hope this week is better for you.

Juliet said...

Mark - You are right. All things work out one way or another. I still get to go to Santa Fe and I got to "meet" you. That is all good. Working now on trying to determine what images will be going to Saratoga for the gallery up there this year. maybe you and your wife will get to see it.

Courtney said...

Wow, last week's snowstorm was awful, wasn't it? I'm sorry to hear that you lost power, but I'm glad it's back and that the spring thaw is finally on it's way. Enjoy your week!