Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Little Bit Late - part 2

Time for part 2 of the last few weeks.

Last week I had the great pleasure to visit my very good friend Eliza Twichell in New Mexico. I went from Wednesday through Sunday. Although I have been out West before, I had not been to New Mexico and so I was thrilled to get to go there. I have always looked at the work of Georgia O'Keeffe for inspiration.

Several of the days we spent in Santa Fe checking out the galleries. I met some wonderful people running those galleries. I would like to mention the Verve Gallery (, which specializes in contemporary photography and the Meyer East Gallery ( ) which carries general contemporary art. Both of these galleries have beautiful work in them. But even more important was how welcoming they were there.

One day was spent North of the city in the Red Hills. We wandered around Ghost Ranch..communing with the spirit of Georgia O'Keeffe. Drove to the beautiful and calming hot springs ob Ojo Callente for a late day soak before heading back to the city.

I took lots of B&W film with me along with both my 35mm and 2 1/4 cameras. I knew that I would not be spending time around it was the perfect opportunity to explore other imagery. I was inspired by the buildings, landscape and plant life. There will be many new pieces that will come out of the darkroom from this trip.

I think, as an artist, it is always important to stretch yourself to see what new vision is inside of you. To do that...sometimes you have to have a bit of a change in what is outside for a few days.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Little Bit Late - part 1

Better late than never, they say. Right? I have let two Monday's pass without a new post. My only excuse....I have been very busy. And I was even away. But not on a Monday...So maybe I will do two posts this week to make up for it.

It already seems long ago...but two weeks ago I had the great opportunity to meet up with Ona Kiser (whose Global Horse Culture blog is a wonderful read)

She and I drove over to the barn where she keeps her horses to meet her new Quarter Horse. And of course...I brought my cameras. I had such a lovely time over there with the horses and with Ona. The photos you see here are some of the results of that lovely day. I played with both my 35mm & 2 1/4 cameras. I may just ask Ona to do a guest blog here for me in the future.

Two days later I was back out to the Northwest corner of Dutchess County to drop off 9 photographs that will be hanging in EVOKING SPIRIT the 26th Annual Art Show at the Maplebook School in Amenia, New York which opens this Saturday, May 1st and runs through the beginning of June. The Opening Reception is a party not to be missed. A Kentucky Derby theme that includes mint juleps, a Southern Jazz band, Kentucky inspired foods and a big screen showing of the running of the Derby followed by a talk given by two retired jockeys. The opening is Sat. May 1st from 4:30-8pm on Route 22/44 at the Maplebrook School in Amenia, NY. Stop in for a wonderful event. The work at this show is always high quality and inspiring. A worthwhile trip for any collector. I have 3 racing inspired images that will be hanging and some matted work there as well.

After dropping off the work I got to head on over to the Horse Leap tack shop,also in Amenia. What a great collection of the new and used. And the owner, Barbara was a treat to spend time with.

I will write part 2 of this late blogpost on Thursday after I get some new negatives back form the lab. You see, I went to Santa Fe, New Mexico last week and shot lots of film there. Non-horse images. I will fill you all in on the trip then......Can you wait?


Monday, April 12, 2010

The Story of an Unlikely Cowgirlboot-aholic

Where does it come from..this love of cowboy boots and the trappings that go with them? The turquoise and silver? The dark wood and leather seated furniture? Based on the time and place that I grew up in, you might better expect a “Fortunoff's” girl of chrome and glass. Diamond bling and makeup. But all “done up” I am not. I have only had my nails done once. Have never dyed my hair in a beauty parlor. I am after all a Jewish girl, born a baby boomer in the ultimate of Suburbia icons, Levittown, New York. And I spent all of my youth and teens on Long Island in a middleclass academic household.

But there was something. Something in the creation that was me. Something in the genes or the blood. Something that no one has been able to identify scientifically but exists only in some. HORSES. The love of horses. From the age of 5….I can trace it right to that 5th birthday gift given to me by my babysitter. A wonderful little old hardcover book from England with drawings and B&W photographs of horses. Every breed of horse documented at the time was in that book. And I loved every one of them. I bet you are thinking…and rightly so, that if I grew up in Suburban Long Island, when I rode horses, it would be Jumping horses. They were. School horses at riding stables. I wore lovely English riding clothes too. So where do the cowboy boots come in to the picture?

It was something from the media….WESTERNS! Western books, movies and TV shows of the 60’s. Why Western’s? Because in every Western there were lots and lots of horses. Every color I could love. And I figured that there were so many horses out West that surely there could be one for me. Just one. One to love and be just mine. Horses were an expensive commodity in the barns of Long Island, but obviously not so out West. They were abundant out there. So I pretended to be Western in my head. And what started out as an escape into a world that might fit me better, became my style. Jeans and cowboy boots. Turquoise and silver jewelry. No matter what fashion I have tried through the years…I always come back to what I am most comfortable in. Libraries, barns and my boots. I have my own horse finally and although I basically still ride English style and in English boots….I am happiest in my Western saddle. And when I get dressed up to go out on the town…I wear my hair long or in a braid, no makeup and I will be in my Cowgirl Boots!

Monday, April 05, 2010

YAY Spring!

Here in the Hudson Valley last week....we could truely say that March went out like a Lion and brought with it in the end....a beautiful Spring. Tuesday and Wednesday were crazy...with cold driving rain that flooded streams and shut down the Amtrak trains from NYCity to Boston. I took son Jackson for an overnight into NYCity.

After a 1/2 hour wait in the pouring rain on Tuesday...we walked into the Musuem of Modern Art and a haven. I had not been to the MOMA in over 20 years. But as a child, growing up on Long Island it was a frequent trip. So much so that I had favorite things in the perminant collection. I had a wonderful time seeking those out and showing them to Jax. Even more interesting was noticing some work and styles that did not interest me before...but did now. I think it is always important to remember that we all grow and mature. And after all the time I have spent learning from painters the past number of years....I was drawn to notice things I had not before. But most of all....I truely loved seeing the new photography galleries. The old ones were small, cramped and dark. The new space gives the viewer ample room to see the work. and light to be able to see all the nuances. All and all...the visit was satifying and inspiring and I loved sharing it all with Jax.

The evening brought a modified Passover dinner with my family. And the next day we were able to convince my husband to take the day off from work and wander around Greenwich Village together until it was time to catch the train for home. All in all.... perfect Spring Break.

The rest of the week brought beautiful weather that lent itself to riding my horse and doing yard work. A very wonderful way to finish out the week. Inspiration and Exercise!

So now that the first excitement of Spring is over....we here in the States face Tax Time. And I know it is depressing for us all....So - in my attempt to help everyone get happy - I have listed the 3rd Session of my SILVER SECONDS AUCTION. How can that make you happy, you may ask...? Well, my friends, these are all handprinted Gelatin Silver Prints of wonderful horse images at opening bids far below their investment value. Not to mention their aesthetic value. Starting at only $20.00....Take a look! All of the images in this blogpost are in the auction.

Have a Wonderful Week. Next week I get to tell you all about the Manchester Indoor Games Pipeband competition that we are going to with Jackson, who will be making his first appearance play Highland Tenor for the Grade 1 (can't get higher grade than that, only 2 in the country) Pipe Band Oran Mor!