Monday, April 05, 2010

YAY Spring!

Here in the Hudson Valley last week....we could truely say that March went out like a Lion and brought with it in the end....a beautiful Spring. Tuesday and Wednesday were crazy...with cold driving rain that flooded streams and shut down the Amtrak trains from NYCity to Boston. I took son Jackson for an overnight into NYCity.

After a 1/2 hour wait in the pouring rain on Tuesday...we walked into the Musuem of Modern Art and a haven. I had not been to the MOMA in over 20 years. But as a child, growing up on Long Island it was a frequent trip. So much so that I had favorite things in the perminant collection. I had a wonderful time seeking those out and showing them to Jax. Even more interesting was noticing some work and styles that did not interest me before...but did now. I think it is always important to remember that we all grow and mature. And after all the time I have spent learning from painters the past number of years....I was drawn to notice things I had not before. But most of all....I truely loved seeing the new photography galleries. The old ones were small, cramped and dark. The new space gives the viewer ample room to see the work. and light to be able to see all the nuances. All and all...the visit was satifying and inspiring and I loved sharing it all with Jax.

The evening brought a modified Passover dinner with my family. And the next day we were able to convince my husband to take the day off from work and wander around Greenwich Village together until it was time to catch the train for home. All in all.... perfect Spring Break.

The rest of the week brought beautiful weather that lent itself to riding my horse and doing yard work. A very wonderful way to finish out the week. Inspiration and Exercise!

So now that the first excitement of Spring is over....we here in the States face Tax Time. And I know it is depressing for us all....So - in my attempt to help everyone get happy - I have listed the 3rd Session of my SILVER SECONDS AUCTION. How can that make you happy, you may ask...? Well, my friends, these are all handprinted Gelatin Silver Prints of wonderful horse images at opening bids far below their investment value. Not to mention their aesthetic value. Starting at only $20.00....Take a look! All of the images in this blogpost are in the auction.

Have a Wonderful Week. Next week I get to tell you all about the Manchester Indoor Games Pipeband competition that we are going to with Jackson, who will be making his first appearance play Highland Tenor for the Grade 1 (can't get higher grade than that, only 2 in the country) Pipe Band Oran Mor!


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