Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday's Activities

(Vintage: Cabellero, showing at HITS Equine Art Show and Auction)

I spent the morning catching up from the weekend. Organizing laundry. Reading emails. Getting some prints ready to send out to new owners. It seems that Monday's have become a good day for this kind of thing. And for planning the rest of the week.

Mid-day I went to the barn to have a nice ride on Tony. We tried out a new bit which seemed to make everything we have worked on fall right into place. He was happily mouthing it, with a beautiful headset and responsive to what I asked of him. Lovely to feel that. We even took a bit of time to walk out onto the farm road for a cool down, after work treat. Although it sure was humid out there and the bugs were bugging us. I need to remember to bring a sponge to the barn so I can wet him down just a touch on days like this. I have a feeling it is going to be much like this the rest of the summer.

Like I mentioned above, a good part of the day was spent planning some future things. I am contemplating entering several Fine Art photography shows and trying my luck again. I may even enter some of the non-equine images from New Mexico. Three of the shows are dedicated to B&W. So I feel I should challenge myself to submit work. I am also thinking of doing the entries a bit different than I usually do. Since 3 of these are virtual shows, I am scanning my negatives to use them for the entries, instead of printing in the darkroom first and then scanning the prints. All the images I am entering, if printed in the darkroom, would be printed as close to the original negative as possible. These are not images that I would alter a great deal when printing. It will be interesting to see if there is any significant difference on how they are received in the judging. Of should not make any difference.

My photograph, Vintage: Cabellero, will be on exhibit starting this weekend for the HITS Equine Art Show and Auction. For the start of the show the works of art will be distributed in varies locations in Saugerties, NY and some even closer to home. I am not sure where mine will be, but I will post it as soon as I know.

I have been invited to contribute work to the "Love Our Local Landscape" show at the Gazen Gallery in Rhinebeck, NY opening on July 17th and running through September 12th. "Contributing artists have selected pieces that feature Local landscapes making this show a highlight of our local Hudson Valley region." Of course mine will be somewhat non-traditional "Landscapes". An Equiscape or two!?!

I am hoping to get up to Saratoga Springs this weekend for the annual dressage show at the race track. I have never been there. This is the first year in forever that Jackson does not have a multitude of parades to march in that I need to chauffeur him to. So I am going to take advantage of it and get to see this show. Now let's hope there is beautiful weather for the weekend.

I am still waiting to see the current copy of Rural Heritage Magazine to see the feature that was done about my work. It should be out on newstands any day now...but the website is still not I am waiting.....! I hope to have a link to that for you all to see next week.

Don't forget to scroll down to previous posts to see the Special Pricing on Framed Original Gelatin Silver Print. There are 3 different posts with images and information. Some may be withdrawn soon from this sale if I need them for the show at the Gazen Gallery. So be sure that if you want one, you let me know ASAP, so that we can be sure you get it before I remove it from the blog.
That feels like it for now......Have a great week....although I might be back posting later in the week if something interesting comes up!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Special Pricing on Framed photos - Group 3 White Horses

Boulder - $600.00

Sheer Cliff Face - $600.00

Homage to KC - $600.00

Frozen - $600.00

Raindance - $600.00

Living Granite - $600.00

Rock Drips - $600.00

Pensive - $600.00

Winter Evening White - $600.00

A Gentle Aging - $600.00

White Wall - $600.00

Gentle Slopes - $600.00

L - $600.00

Snow Slope - $600.00

Rhapsody in White - $600.00

Classic: Legacy - $600.00

Symmetry - $600.00

Braids - $600.00

Here is the last group of framed photos in the attic. These are almost all photos that were in the show last fall at the Silo Gallery in New Milford, CT. And they are all from the "White Horses: From the Literal to the Sublime" book, except for Symmetry which should have been included. Some are also part of the Equiscape series. Remember that they are all framed to 16x20" in archival mats. Signed, numbered and dated on the back.

The reuglar retail price for these in a frame is $800.00. So it is a savings of 25%.

Please contact me if you have any questions on any of the photos for sale in these special pricing posts. Remember that shipping is free in the Continental US. And lay-a-way is available.


Special Pricing on Framed photos - Group 2 Equiscapes

Stars Upon Thars, 1 - $600.00

Galaxy - $600.00

Waterfall - $600.00

WindSwept - $600.00

Hollow - $600.00

Valley - $600.00

Each and every one of the framed photos in my attic will be available for sale at the unframed price. And - shipping in the Continental US will be free. Remember, each and every one of these is framed because it hung in an art show. Some were juried in, some as invitationals.

These are some of my best images. If I don't sell them this way, I will just pop them out of their frames and store them until they sell at full price. So you would be getting a great deal to buy them now. All of the photos are Gelatin Silver prints from my darkroom. And all are signed and numbered on the back. Most of the frames are simple black ones. A few are simple white. All are franed 16x20". If you have a question about a frame, feel free to ask!
And lay-a-way is available.


Special Pricing on Framed photos - Group 1

From Above, #2 - $300.00

From Above, #4 - $300.00

From Above, #5 - $300.00

Lucitano - $300.00

Spanish Horse - $300.00

Matched Team, Haflinger - $300.00Percheron Sky - $200.00

Haflinger, Up Close - $300.00

Last year....I did a lot of shows. And of course, I did the two person show in the fall. What that did was make it such that I have a number of framed photos that came home from the shows. In an effort to simplify my life, I have decided that one of the things that I am going to do this summer, is to clear out my attic. But I can't even get to the boxes closest to the walls until I clear out much of what is in front. And a lot of what is in front is boxes of framed photographs. So to help me out, I am going to reduce the prices of these photos.

Each and every one of the framed photos in my attic will be available for sale at the unframed price. And - shipping in the Continental US will be free. Remember, each and every one of these is framed because it hung in an art show. Some were juried in, some as invitationals.

I will start listing them in groups all this week.

Contact me if you are interested. Payment plans are available.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Family time and artistic dilemma's

This past weekend was spent in family time with my husband and son. Jackson had a Pipeband competition in Fair Hill, Maryland on Saturday. We had to take him to band practice in Albany on Friday night, leave him there so they could leave very early in a bus Sat. morning. Brent and I traveled down from our house Saturday morning. After a 5+ hour drive we made it there just in time for the opening ceremonies at 1pm. The competition lasted until early evening. Their band, which is one of the top 3 bands in the country, played very well and placed second to a band out of Canada. We spent that night in a hotel down there. They had more practice on Sunday morning and then it was the long drive home. We were very proud to see our son suited up in Oran Mor uniform for the first time and playing in competition with such a high level band. It wasn't so long ago that Jackson was playing in a grade 5 band and we followed Oran Mor around like starry eyed groupies. And here we were...watching Jackson as a member of the band.

So here is the artistic dilemma....the competition took place at the Fair Hill Race Track. As in horse racing. A beautiful turf track. On the area nearer the barns....a horse trials was going on. Across the street was a practice track where there were a few barns and horses were being worked. I had only brought my one digital camera with me. No B&W film. And I was there for Jax and the band. But boy was it hard to stop myself from going off on my own to photograph the horses. True motherhood willpower. I guess I won't need to worry about that next year when Jax is in Italy.

As you can guess, there are no new horse pictures this week...but I hope you enjoy the pipeband photos.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My photo book - White Horses: From the Literal to the Sublime has been published for over a year now. I was amazed at how well the hardcover sold. But I have to admit to over-ordering the paperback. So before I move the boxes upstairs into the attic, I thought I might make them available at a here is the deal - you can purchase a paperback copy for $27.95 (my wholesale cost and $13.00 less than the retail price) + shipping. These will not be signed copies and you must purchase them directly from me and not from Blurb. Here is the preview...remember you must purchase from me to get the special price.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Late, as usual!

Well, I know...I am a bit late again this week. Tuesday is still the first part of the week though, right?

Last week was so much fun...I have to tell all about it. Last Wednesday I did, what I think of as my, first Spec Photo Shoot. I was invited to photograph at Quarry Hill Farm in Lakeville, CT. A beautiful Arabian breeding facility. There were two less than week old babies to meet, yearlings, mares and stallions. The owner, Rae Schwarz, could not have been more welcoming. The results from this shoot are an interesting mix of abstract, literal and some new stuff for me. I am excited, as I think I can only grow as an artist by doing these kind of shoots where I am not controlling how I am shooting as much. Unexpected things happen! If you want to see what unexpected things I can capture at your barn, just contact me to set something up.

In the next few days, the May/June issue of Rural Heritage Magazine should be arriving on shelves and in mail boxes. In it, is a feature article about my work. If you can't find it in a store near you, you can get a copy directly from the website -

The summer long equine art show being held by HITS in Saugerties, NY in conjunction with the Fletcher Gallery of Woodstock, NY begins on Memorial Day. Works of art will be on display though out the community of Saugerties until August, when they will move into the gallery. September 10th all of the pieces in the show will be auctioned off with 50% of the sale price of the work being donated to the Family of Woodstock organization. You can see the work and find out more info about the show and auction here -

Don't forget that my book, White Horses: From the Literal to the Sublime, is still available for purchase in paperback or hardcover versions. Preview the book here - But contact me directly for signed copies.

My Cafe Press store is still open for business -

And Giclee reproduction prints of many of my images are found for sale on my Etsy store -

Monday, May 03, 2010

Events, Products and Images

Last week was busy and this past weekend too!

Saturday I went to the opening reception and Kentucky Derby party for Evoking Spirit the 26th Annual Art Show at the Maplebrook School in Amenia, New York. I can't say enough about this party and show. The work is always of the highest quality and priced very affordably. This time the imagery included more than landscape and equine. Even more fun for me is the party. Set with a Derby theme, with Kentucky inspired food, drinks and music. All culminating with a watching of the Derby on multiple TV screens. Everyone excited and cheering. Congrats must be mentioned to Calvin Borel and Super Saver. But that isn't even the best part. This yearly event gives me a wonderful opportunity to visit with fellow artists, many of whom I only see at this show. I love the comradery of these friends. Terry Lindsay, Susan Dorazio, Deborah O'Sullivan, Jeanne Haines and more. This year I also got the chance to meet local landscape painter Jane Bloodgood-Abrams. What a great group to be with.

Sunday was a family day for me. We took my son to his Pipeband practice where he and his fellow rookies received their kilts. This may sound a bit odd, so I will explain. Jackson, my nearly 16 year old son, plays the tenor drum in the Oran Mor Pipeband. Oran Mor is one of the two top level competition bagpipe bands in this country. it is a huge honor for him to be playing with them. Especially since he only learned to play the tenor since September. Before that he played snare in a lower level youth band. We will be going to Scotland this summer with the band for them to compete Grade 1 (the top level) at the World Pipeband Championships. So you can imagine the pride we felt on Sunday seeing him officially welcomed into the band. The first major competition for them will be May 15th in Fair Hill, Maryland!

Wednesday this week I will be heading over to Connecticut to photograph at an Arabian breeding farm. I am very excited to be expanding my imagery to some breed specific stuff. As the previous post pointed out....I am hoping to do more of this in the future.


Products you say??? Products I say....Cafe Press products with my images on them are now available. Posters, greeting cards, travel mugs and totebags. I will be adding more images if these seem to do well. But it there is something you desperately want with a particular image...just let me know and I will have it produced just for you. Take a look at what is available.

The last mention here is about the above images.....The "Legs" shot is one more from the photo shoot I did with Ona Kiser's horse. I am feeling more and more confident with the 2 1/4 format of the Bronica and I think is shows in this one. And of course a treat of a few more images form New Mexico. Although they have not yet been posted on my website. They are available for purchase the same as any image offer there. Contact me about any you see that you wish to own for your own collection.

Spec(ulative) Photo Shoots

I have a new idea for expanding the breeds of horses that I photograph and the surroundings they are in. SPEC PHOTOGRAPHY.

What is that?

If you are within 1 hour from my home and would like me to come out to your barn to photograph your horses, contact me. If I think it could be interesting, I would be willing to come and phtograph for my own portfolio of images. You will be under no obligation to purchase an image. If I do this....I will own all the rights to the images and I will direct the photo shoot for my needs. If, after seeing the shots, you decide to purchase one, the price will be the same as with any of my photos sold on my website.

If you are interested and you are more than 1 hour from my home, you will only be obligated to pay for my travel expenses. And the purchase or use of an image will be as above.

Contact me if you want to discuss this idea. ( ) The photos above are an example of what can come from such a photo shoot.