Monday, May 03, 2010

Events, Products and Images

Last week was busy and this past weekend too!

Saturday I went to the opening reception and Kentucky Derby party for Evoking Spirit the 26th Annual Art Show at the Maplebrook School in Amenia, New York. I can't say enough about this party and show. The work is always of the highest quality and priced very affordably. This time the imagery included more than landscape and equine. Even more fun for me is the party. Set with a Derby theme, with Kentucky inspired food, drinks and music. All culminating with a watching of the Derby on multiple TV screens. Everyone excited and cheering. Congrats must be mentioned to Calvin Borel and Super Saver. But that isn't even the best part. This yearly event gives me a wonderful opportunity to visit with fellow artists, many of whom I only see at this show. I love the comradery of these friends. Terry Lindsay, Susan Dorazio, Deborah O'Sullivan, Jeanne Haines and more. This year I also got the chance to meet local landscape painter Jane Bloodgood-Abrams. What a great group to be with.

Sunday was a family day for me. We took my son to his Pipeband practice where he and his fellow rookies received their kilts. This may sound a bit odd, so I will explain. Jackson, my nearly 16 year old son, plays the tenor drum in the Oran Mor Pipeband. Oran Mor is one of the two top level competition bagpipe bands in this country. it is a huge honor for him to be playing with them. Especially since he only learned to play the tenor since September. Before that he played snare in a lower level youth band. We will be going to Scotland this summer with the band for them to compete Grade 1 (the top level) at the World Pipeband Championships. So you can imagine the pride we felt on Sunday seeing him officially welcomed into the band. The first major competition for them will be May 15th in Fair Hill, Maryland!

Wednesday this week I will be heading over to Connecticut to photograph at an Arabian breeding farm. I am very excited to be expanding my imagery to some breed specific stuff. As the previous post pointed out....I am hoping to do more of this in the future.


Products you say??? Products I say....Cafe Press products with my images on them are now available. Posters, greeting cards, travel mugs and totebags. I will be adding more images if these seem to do well. But it there is something you desperately want with a particular image...just let me know and I will have it produced just for you. Take a look at what is available.

The last mention here is about the above images.....The "Legs" shot is one more from the photo shoot I did with Ona Kiser's horse. I am feeling more and more confident with the 2 1/4 format of the Bronica and I think is shows in this one. And of course a treat of a few more images form New Mexico. Although they have not yet been posted on my website. They are available for purchase the same as any image offer there. Contact me about any you see that you wish to own for your own collection.


Ruth Andre said...

The Adobe photo is a favorite. Love it!

Ruth Andre said...

Juliet, I love your horse photos and I love the new direction you have taken with the non-horsey photos. Beautiful works.