Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Family time and artistic dilemma's

This past weekend was spent in family time with my husband and son. Jackson had a Pipeband competition in Fair Hill, Maryland on Saturday. We had to take him to band practice in Albany on Friday night, leave him there so they could leave very early in a bus Sat. morning. Brent and I traveled down from our house Saturday morning. After a 5+ hour drive we made it there just in time for the opening ceremonies at 1pm. The competition lasted until early evening. Their band, which is one of the top 3 bands in the country, played very well and placed second to a band out of Canada. We spent that night in a hotel down there. They had more practice on Sunday morning and then it was the long drive home. We were very proud to see our son suited up in Oran Mor http://www.oranmorpipeband.com/ uniform for the first time and playing in competition with such a high level band. It wasn't so long ago that Jackson was playing in a grade 5 band and we followed Oran Mor around like starry eyed groupies. And here we were...watching Jackson as a member of the band.

So here is the artistic dilemma....the competition took place at the Fair Hill Race Track. As in horse racing. A beautiful turf track. On the area nearer the barns....a horse trials was going on. Across the street was a practice track where there were a few barns and horses were being worked. I had only brought my one digital camera with me. No B&W film. And I was there for Jax and the band. But boy was it hard to stop myself from going off on my own to photograph the horses. True motherhood willpower. I guess I won't need to worry about that next year when Jax is in Italy.

As you can guess, there are no new horse pictures this week...but I hope you enjoy the pipeband photos.

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