Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Special Pricing on Framed photos - Group 2 Equiscapes

Stars Upon Thars, 1 - $600.00

Galaxy - $600.00

Waterfall - $600.00

WindSwept - $600.00

Hollow - $600.00

Valley - $600.00

Each and every one of the framed photos in my attic will be available for sale at the unframed price. And - shipping in the Continental US will be free. Remember, each and every one of these is framed because it hung in an art show. Some were juried in, some as invitationals.

These are some of my best images. If I don't sell them this way, I will just pop them out of their frames and store them until they sell at full price. So you would be getting a great deal to buy them now. All of the photos are Gelatin Silver prints from my darkroom. And all are signed and numbered on the back. Most of the frames are simple black ones. A few are simple white. All are franed 16x20". If you have a question about a frame, feel free to ask!
And lay-a-way is available.


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