Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Special Pricing on Framed photos - Group 3 White Horses

Boulder - $600.00

Sheer Cliff Face - $600.00

Homage to KC - $600.00

Frozen - $600.00

Raindance - $600.00

Living Granite - $600.00

Rock Drips - $600.00

Pensive - $600.00

Winter Evening White - $600.00

A Gentle Aging - $600.00

White Wall - $600.00

Gentle Slopes - $600.00

L - $600.00

Snow Slope - $600.00

Rhapsody in White - $600.00

Classic: Legacy - $600.00

Symmetry - $600.00

Braids - $600.00

Here is the last group of framed photos in the attic. These are almost all photos that were in the show last fall at the Silo Gallery in New Milford, CT. And they are all from the "White Horses: From the Literal to the Sublime" book, except for Symmetry which should have been included. Some are also part of the Equiscape series. Remember that they are all framed to 16x20" in archival mats. Signed, numbered and dated on the back.

The reuglar retail price for these in a frame is $800.00. So it is a savings of 25%.

Please contact me if you have any questions on any of the photos for sale in these special pricing posts. Remember that shipping is free in the Continental US. And lay-a-way is available.



Kari L√łnning said...

It's a beautiful collection. I wish we'd known eachother when you had the show at the Silo, I would have come to the opening.

Juliet said...

Rhapsody in White is no longer available at this price, as it is going to show July 17-Sept 12th at the Gazen Gallery in Rhinebeck, NY.