Monday, May 03, 2010

Spec(ulative) Photo Shoots

I have a new idea for expanding the breeds of horses that I photograph and the surroundings they are in. SPEC PHOTOGRAPHY.

What is that?

If you are within 1 hour from my home and would like me to come out to your barn to photograph your horses, contact me. If I think it could be interesting, I would be willing to come and phtograph for my own portfolio of images. You will be under no obligation to purchase an image. If I do this....I will own all the rights to the images and I will direct the photo shoot for my needs. If, after seeing the shots, you decide to purchase one, the price will be the same as with any of my photos sold on my website.

If you are interested and you are more than 1 hour from my home, you will only be obligated to pay for my travel expenses. And the purchase or use of an image will be as above.

Contact me if you want to discuss this idea. ( ) The photos above are an example of what can come from such a photo shoot.

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