Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bones and Skulls

As some of you might remember...I have been contemplating doing a series of still life photos of animal skulls, bones and horns/antlers. I have collected some great objects to work with. (although always looking for more) I have never really done much with still life photography. I do know that I will work in B&W and with natural light. So I have been trying to envision how I want to do these. I now have two pretty strong ideas about what I want to try...but each entails some advance building. For one...I need to find a place that I can build a large sandbox. My back yard is not big enough. I need to have it so that it is like a beach...large open area with strong sunlight. And I will need to be able to cover it in between photo sessions. For the other I need to build an armature of a clamp type thing on a portable boom arm. So that I can clip the bone and kind of suspend it to be able to photograph just a portion of it floating in front of a backdrop. Maybe a stand like what my son has for his cymbals on his drum set. An adjustable boom arm and duct tape an alligator clip to the end. It has to be able to hold the bones without crushing them. And need one strong enough to hold heavier ones too. Hmm....might need two. I will be shooting these with my 2 1/4 camera I think. Funny how eager I am to get started...but this designing and building thing has me stuck. Life of an artist.

On my way in a few minutes to drop off a giclee print from one of my recent Spec Photo Shoots. (still needs a new name for this) I am very excited that this print turned out so beautifully. It is the first I have had done from my 2 1/4 negatives.
"Legs of a Dancer"

I have another print from the Quarry Hill Farm Arabians spec shoot being done now and should be ready to deliver in the next two weeks.

It seems like this idea is a welcome one. I am headed to Texas in November to visit good friend and colleague Lyne Raff, the publisher/editor of http://www.arthorsemagazine.com . I mentioned it last night on Facebook and now have a bunch of people down there asking about my coming to them to do spec photos of their horses. So if you are in the Dallas, Houston or Beaumont areas...or even farther afield and want me to come...let me know! I have always dreamed of traveling the world photographing horses as I go. Looks like Texas in November will be the start of fulfilling that dream! Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any interest in my coming to photograph your horse. We can discuss all the possible ways to make this happen.

Tomorrow I am off on a new adventure. I will tell you all about that next week! A good reason to come back! Please feel free to share my blog with your friends who might be interested in the life of a Fine Art Photographer with a love of horses!

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Lynn A. Fraley said...

That would be a fascinating series. Skeletal structures, I think, are the ultimate in form = function, and very beautiful as pure sculptural forms. Good luck with the "sandbox". In the meantime, your photos of live horses continue to delight!

Juliet said...

Lyne...you said it so well. Sculptural forms. Perhaps that is why I am so drawn to them. Like the way I photograph the horses....