Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mr. Peabody and Family

Last week I have the distinct pleasure of visiting with Mark Samu, his lovely wife Lu, their horses and goat! Mark is a wonderful photographer in his own right. His wonderful photographs of my work hanging on the walls of their home are in the post below this one. He is familiar to many of us as @mrpea01 0n Twitter and from his blog and Facebook page "Where's Mr Peabody". http://wheresmrpeabody.com/

While I was there visiting I got to turn the day into a bit of a photo shoot as well. The amazing work Mark has done training Mr Peabody (a mostly black paint), Leroy (the red Quarter Horse) and Jerry (the goat) made photographing them a breeze. There is nothing so wonderful as having a horse stand with his front legs on a stump while I walked around him photographing from every angle. The three of them were total gentlemen while I was in their paddock. And their human companions were warm and welcoming. Humor and good conversation abound.

These images are scanned form the negatives. But are available for purchase as either Limited Edition Gelatin Silver Prints from my darkroom on 11x14 paper or as open edition giclee reproduction prints in a multitude of sizes.





lovemyponies said...

Can't even tell you which photo I like best - they're all so wonderful!

Kimberly Santini said...

I am just as in love with these as I am the ones I have in my current J Harrison collection. You just get better and better woman.