Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thwarted and Frustrated

I had it all planned. I was going to write an esoteric and overly intellectualized blog on Monday about Film vs/ Digital. Not so much the creation...but the labels. And I was going to add that it was my Birthday on Monday too. And I was going to write it from the road, because we were going to be in Ohio visiting my inlaws. But it seems the "Powers that Be" had other plans for me. Oh, I still had my birthday. Can't stop that from happening as long as you are still breathing. but we never did make it to Ohio. Instead, I spent yesterday in airports, on airplanes, in baggage claims, in train stations, cabs and on trains. We went from Albany, NY to Kennedy airport, to New York's Penn Station and home.

We thought we would make this trip to Cleveland easy this time. We would fly instead of the long drive there. So we planned to fly from Albany to Cleveland on Sunday. But when we got to the airport...low and behold....the flight was cancelled. The crew had not had enough rest between flights and so the grounded the plane. No extra crew to be called in to take us out of there. They could not even put us on any other flights...not even the same one the next day. So they put us up in a hotel near the airport and booked us on another airlines to fly out on Monday. the plan was to fly Delta airlines to JFK and from there fly to Cleveland. We would lose a day of our trip, but we resigned ourselves to that and went with it. The hotel room was ok. We had to walk to find food, which when we found it was lousy.

Woke up yesterday...my birthday, and went back to the airport. Hung around a bit. Got on the flight to JFK....a bit delayed. But no problem. Got into JFK....and guess what...the flight to Cleveland was cancelled. And there was nothing they could do but get us out the next day. Now we had gotten all the way to JFK....our trip was planned with a return on Thursday....so what was the point? We told them to get us back to Albany...and they said they could, for over $1000.00!!! Since the cancellation was caused by weather, they were not responsible! We told them to...you know what...took a cab into NYC. Went to Penn Station and got on Amtrak, after another lousy meal....and landed home after another cab from the station.

Now I just have to get back to Albany today to get my truck which is still at the airport. So sorry for the rant...but the high-brow discussion will have to wait for another day. And I want a redo on my Birthday!

I promise to be back on in a few days...my normal perky self. Until then, I want chocolate! Left you two images to look at until then for the film vs digital discussion.


Anonymous said...

So sorry you had such a crappy birthday! And that the airline was so "cooperative" (read with severe sarcasm) was just WRONG! You definitely deserve a do-over on the birthday...and you should get an extension like a full 7 days to celebrate!


Anonymous said...

oh geez Juliet. what a crappy way to spend your birthday! ..I think you definately deserve a re-do!!

Linda Shantz said...

I think the airline owes you big-time. Seriously!! That's just ridiculous!! Hope you found that chocolate!

Margie said...

Chocolate - yes the best thing to cure this bad travel taste :-) Can't wait to read the blog on digital vs. film labels ! Will be interesting.

Kimberly Santini said...

Do I deliver the chocolate to you in Albany for the drive home, or shall it be waiting for your return?

Juliet said...

I don't think a true do-over is possible. Oh well. Life moves on you know. but I did get myself a large hot fudge and mint chip sundae last night. And slept more relaxed in my bed here at home. Trying to get Brent to take these days we were supposed to be away, as a "stay-cation". Might as well, I figure.

Ruth Andre said...

Juliet, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! You need to make another celebration plan for sure. So sorry you missed your trip and family gathering. I must say the airlines did me a favor once too. I was to go to Amarillo, TX for an art show. Big deal, nice western clothes, the whole 9 yards. Well, the airline lost my luggage. I arrived at the reception in jeans and cowboy boots. Ladies arrived in full length mink coats. After the airline found my luggage I went on to meet with a group of artists in the Austin area. When I opened my pochade box to plein air paint it was broken in three places. Not a good trip for luggage and no compensation!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your year special year! Ruth