Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Mentoring Program - A Testimonial

From photographer Julie Blair

"Being a self taught photographer with no formal training, having Juliet as a mentor was wonderful for me. Juliet encourages you to delve into the art world and see all kinds of art including photography and really study what you see and understand why you like certain works of art and not others. You gain an appreciation of the art world and how it may influence you in your work as a photographer. Her critiques of my work were insightful and she taught me how to improve and make the image stronger. She also gave me insights on how to produce a professional, cohesive set of imagery so that I could approach galleries with my work. Her expertise and experience in the field will help you gain the knowledge to move forward in your work. I highly recommend Juliet to anyone ready to go to the next level with their photography."

~Julie Blair

Find out more about my mentoring program here - and contact me for more information.

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