Monday, August 02, 2010

2 Weeks Late

I can't believe I let two weeks go by without a post. I appologize to those of you who tend to hold their breaths, waiting for my next post. Did you give up on me?

I have to admit that this is my busiest time of the year. Mostly because of my son and his Pipeband competitions. Summer is pipeband season. You may remember that Jax is a tenor drummer in the top pipeband in the US, the Oran Mor Pipe Band. And a snare drummer in a youth band. Every weekend in the summer he is either at a competition or at practice. All culminating in competing in the World Pipeband Championships in Glasgow, Scotland in mid August. Which is...looming on the horizon. We leave for Ireland on Thursday. They compete outside of Belfast on Sat. We move on to Glasgow next Wed for them to compete at the World's the following Sat. So as you can imagine, I am in packing mode.

I always struggle with figuring out what camera to travel with. I will be taking my film body and lenses with lots of B&W film. And I recently got a little Nikon Coolpix which will serve as my color snapshot camera. It also takes video, which will be perfect for the competitions.

In the mean time...I have survived the heat that pounded the Northeast through July. Stayed indoors as much as I could. But least week I went on my yearly visit to Saratoga for the races. This was the 4th year that I have gone up and met with painter and Thoroughbred person, Linda Shantz ( . We have such a great time when we go. Painter and former pony girl (track term) Sharon Simmons-Passmore joined us this time. We were able to get in and photograph in the the saddling paddock. And for the first time, thanks to Sharon, we got backstretch passes and wandered around with our cameras during the morning activities. Went over to Oklahoma and the yearling sales as well. My film is at the lab so you will have to wait to see what I got. Thsi years trip was culminated with the opening reception at Terry Lindssy's Equidae Gallery ( As always...the work there was WONDERFUL. Terry has 8 of my photographs hanging this year. One of the most wonderful things about the reception is the opportunity to meet with the other artists that show up. This year included Sharon Crute, Susan Dorazio, Ann Wolfe, Werner Rentsch and Anthony Alonso.

If I get a chance to scan more of the negatives from the NE Welsh Pony Association show I will post them here before I head over the ocean. If not....I hope you all have a wonderful next two weeks. And I will post again after I get back August 16th.