Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Busy Week of a Self-Employed Artist

I have to admit, I thought when I sent my 16 year old son off to Italy for the year, I would have lots of days where I would sleep in and maybe even do noting much for the day. But that has not happened yet. This week is packed full.

First a recap from last week. I had a great day on Thursday when I went up to North Adams, Mass. with a good friend and fellow artist, Nadine Robbins ( http://www.nadinerobbinsportraits.com/ ). We went up to see an exhibit of photographs by Leonard Nimoy at Mass MoCA and to hear a talk that he was going to give. It is a long drive there from here, and the weather was not the best, but we talked and talked and talked so much that it felt like no time at all. Unfortunately, I have to say that the exhibit was disappointing. I expected more depth to the imagery. And Mr. Nimoy was sick that evening and so the lecture was cancelled. But the day was wonderful anyway due to spending it with Nadine.

Last Saturday I spent in Millerton, New York at the fun Fall For Art festival that they had. Met some wonderful people and got some great feedback on my work. I have 8 piece hanging in Kate Carty http://www.katecarty.com/ and the work will be up through the holidays.

This week I am primarily spending doing data entry and fielding questions for Ex Arte Equinus 4. http://www.arthorsemagazine.com/art_competition.html Being the show director for the competition keep me hopping during this time. Deadline for entries is Oct. 31st, and then I will be sending everything off to the jurors. So if you are planning on entering....get it done before you miss the deadline.

Along with the Ex Arte work that I am doing, I have finally settled in to do the scanning that I need to finally create my Track book. I want to have it done and ready to sell for the holidays. It will contain images from the time I have spent at the Saratoga Springs, New York racetrack the past 4 years. I will make an announcement here in the next few weeks so you will know when it is ready for orders. Stay tuned.

Thursday this week, I am headed on a long one day road trip to take my work over to Cazenovia, New York. 8 pieces will be on exhibit in the Le Cheval: the horse equine art show at the Cazenovia College Art Gallery ( http://www.cazenovia.edu/Default.aspx?tabid=1016&ctl=Details&mid=2320&itemID=3798 ). Two additional pieces will be showing at the I Love New York Horses show that will be hung on the grounds of the Syracuse Invitational Sporthorse Tournament. http://www.syracuseinvitational.com/ConventionCenter/ArtShow/tabid/1521/Default.aspx

So you can see...there is no time to sit back and get lazy. Oh well. Such is the price for being an artist! And maybe next week I will get some raking done. Or not....!

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Nadine Robbins said...

The day was fun indeed