Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Wishes and New Year's Cheer

A Light Dusting

May your Holiday season be filled with warmth and joy.
For me, it will be strange this year. My son is far from home and I am trying to figure out what the Holiday’s are all about without a kid in the house. So the decorating is down to a minimum and the meals will be a bit more simple. But I have to admit that with him not here this fall and winter, I have been getting a lot done!

The Track Life in Saratoga Springs book has been so very well received. I only have 7 more copies left that qualify for the bonus signed Limited Edition giclee print. So let me know as soon as possible if you are still hoping to order one of those. And you can still see the preview of the book here - . Thanks to how well the book has done, with reviews and the press, there may be more Thoroughbred racing images coming on new projects in the future. Stay tuned.

I have made some changes on my website. So take a look. There is a new gallery up for the ordering of giclee prints from images that I have not worked with yet in the darkroom. These will be printed from scanned negatives and are archival open editions. Many sizes are available for you to choose from. I have listed the price for an image of about 8 ½” x 13” on 11x14” paper to give you an example of how the prices run for these. As always, any image on my website can be ordered as a giclee print. Just let me know a relative size you are thinking of and I can get you a price. Giclee prints need a bit of a lead time to fill the order. Many more images will be added in the next month as I keep scanning from all that I shot this past year. Dresage images are next.

Take a bit of time and read this fantastic review of my work by Cali Tatum. I was so honored that she wrote this wonderful piece.

Lastly, you may notice many images have disappeared from the main galleries on my website. I have moved a number of them into the “Archived” section of the image galleries. Every one of these images will be available only in limited numbers. I will not expect to continue printing them. So I am offering a 50% discount on the stated price on all of them. Once the already printed quantities of them are sold, I will be deleting them from the site. To redeem your discount, either use the purchase now button and I will refund the difference. Be sure to put “archived” in the note. Or you can contact me directly and I will send you an invoice with the discounted price. Just put “archived” in your note. These prints are not available as lay-a-way. To see the archived work, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Stay warm and stay safe. Best Wishes to all my Family, Friends and Fans!


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laura evans/photography said...

have a wonderful christmas chica! stunning image as usual! xx