Saturday, May 28, 2011

Equiscapes - at the Red Filter Fine Art Photography Gallery

Opening June 2nd.

"Equiscapes" by Juliet Harrison

The Red Filter Gallery, located at 74 Bridge Street in Lambertville, New Jersey, is hosting Equiscapes, an innovative approach to traditional equine form photography by Juliet Harrison beginning June 2 and running through July 24. The opening reception is June 10th from 6-8pm. Equiscapes is open to the public each afternoon, Thursday through Sunday.

Juliet Harrison has been exploring the camera as an artistic medium since 1980 and has focused on horses utilizing light, shadow, texture, and form since 1999. Her photographs go beyond "pictures of horses," and enter the exploratory realm of Edward Weston and Georgia O'Keefe. Her work removes the recognition and constructs that viewers associate with a horse and replace it with the intimacy of a long-time lover of horses. The depictions of musculature and bone structure beneath weathered velvet coat, caught in a thin veil of light, allows for a "visual caress" that is typically only privy to frequenters of equestrian farms.

Ms. Harrison states: "The objective of my work is to remove traditional viewer touchstones and provide a new path to understanding the beauty of these animals. My hope is that abstraction and focus on detail will give new meaning in these images."

Juliet Harrison has exhibited in juried shows, invitationals and museums throughout the United States and has work in private collections throughout the world. For the past three years she has directed Ex Arte Equinus, a prestigious international Equine Art competition and show featured by Art Horse Magazine.

Red Filter Gallery Owner Forrest Old remarks: "This is the type of insightful personal art work we wish to provide our audience in a series of exhibits over the next few months. Juliet is truly an example of the photographer as artist … and we are happy to have her with Red Filter Gallery.

At the same time as the "Equiscapes" exhibit an extended viewing of Alisandra Wederich's "New Works" will also be available to attendees at the gallery.

For more information:, 347.244.9758 or find us on Facebook.

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