Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Little Bit Late - part 1

Better late than never, they say. Right? I have let two Monday's pass without a new post. My only excuse....I have been very busy. And I was even away. But not on a Monday...So maybe I will do two posts this week to make up for it.

It already seems long ago...but two weeks ago I had the great opportunity to meet up with Ona Kiser (whose Global Horse Culture blog is a wonderful read) http://globalhorseculture.typepad.com/

She and I drove over to the barn where she keeps her horses to meet her new Quarter Horse. And of course...I brought my cameras. I had such a lovely time over there with the horses and with Ona. The photos you see here are some of the results of that lovely day. I played with both my 35mm & 2 1/4 cameras. I may just ask Ona to do a guest blog here for me in the future.

Two days later I was back out to the Northwest corner of Dutchess County to drop off 9 photographs that will be hanging in EVOKING SPIRIT the 26th Annual Art Show at the Maplebook School in Amenia, New York which opens this Saturday, May 1st and runs through the beginning of June. The Opening Reception is a party not to be missed. A Kentucky Derby theme that includes mint juleps, a Southern Jazz band, Kentucky inspired foods and a big screen showing of the running of the Derby followed by a talk given by two retired jockeys. The opening is Sat. May 1st from 4:30-8pm on Route 22/44 at the Maplebrook School in Amenia, NY. Stop in for a wonderful event. The work at this show is always high quality and inspiring. A worthwhile trip for any collector. I have 3 racing inspired images that will be hanging and some matted work there as well.

After dropping off the work I got to head on over to the Horse Leap tack shop,also in Amenia. What a great collection of the new and used. http://www.horseleap.com/ And the owner, Barbara was a treat to spend time with.

I will write part 2 of this late blogpost on Thursday after I get some new negatives back form the lab. You see, I went to Santa Fe, New Mexico last week and shot lots of film there. Non-horse images. I will fill you all in on the trip then......Can you wait?



Kpeters said...

I can't wait!

girasol said...

Oh lovely! I too have been neglecting my blog a bit. Thanks for posting the lovely pix of Bodhi! He is just cute as a button, I say! :D

Linda Shantz said...

I love the tousled mane the best. :-) You should stop by Keane Stud in Amenia and say hello to our mare! Ask for Madamprimeminster! Check up on her for me! :-D

Juliet said...

Linda...I will try to stop over to see her in Amenia. I have to figure out where the place is. Some of them don't let you just drive in, so I will have to contact them first I suppose. How much longer is she there for? And what is her barn name???